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Glass Art

Rudimentary forms of glass blowing techniques have been recorded as early as 50BC. It was an art well promoted by ancient Phoenicians and Romans when they established one of the most prolific glassblowing centers in Germany during the first century BC! Glass art has come a long way since, with flamboyant artists like Dale Chihuly creating extravagant pieces for hotels and galleries.

If you ask any skilled glass artist, they will tell you that the best pieces of work can only be created by hand blown glass. These skilled craftsmen create astounding works like glass flowers, glass decor and other unique creations. Perhaps the most artistic venture was that of Dale Chihuly, when he created the glass flower lobby for the Bellagio in Las Vegas and the popularity of glass flowers soared.

Unlike any other form of glass art, glass flowers have the ability to be used as centerpieces and home decor because of their shape and color, without making a room appear too formal. How you want to use glass art for your home or work place depends on your own style. Some people like using single stemmed flowers while others like custom installations such as the one in the Bellagio.

Glass art is not restricted to flowers only. An online search will tell you that glassblowers have developed innumerable pieces of art with glass because of its durability and other physical qualities. Pieces as remarkable as glass flowers or glass figurines can only be created by hand blown glass, they are expensive because of the amount of hard work that goes in making each piece but glassblowers are striving to create budget friendly pieces as well.

Before purchasing glass art, you must ensure that you are not getting furnace blown glass art instead of hand made. Furnace blown pieces are less expensive and less durable. They also lack the beauty of a hand created masterpiece. It is always advisable to buy directly from the artist's workshop.

Whether you are looking for single delicate pieces or an installation that will make your home more beautiful, glass art is a wonderful solution.

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