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Glass Art Painting

If you are an art collector then you probably realize having framed art paintings is going to afford you many luxuries that you might not have had before. However, just by having the art framed though the possibility of increased value is not going to be the only positive that you will find. Some of the other positives that you can find is going to be the protective aspect that they add to your art collection. Here are some of the various protection qualities that you will find with these compared to unframed art.

The first protective aspect is that if they are framed and you are the one that is getting it framed you can choose to have the UV protective glass. By having the UV protective glass you will not experience some of the fading that you can see with paintings that are not framed. However, this feature can be expensive, but the protection of the painting and prevention of fading from the sunlight will be well worth the cost.

The second protective aspect is that you can find the paintings edges will remain undamaged. Having perfect edges on a painting will make it much easier to hang for display in your home. However, if you are like some people you probably think that you have it hanging right only to discover a second to late that you did not and it crashes to the floor. With a frame the edges of the painting will be preserved if this should happen to you because of the added protection of the frame.

The third protective aspect is that you will have the choice of choosing acid free matte. Some paintings are just to small to fit into the size of the frame that you choose and need the edging matte. However, if you choose the wrong type of matte you will notice that your painting will start to disappear. With the acid free though your painting will be able to have the matte without the worry of acid eating away at it.

The fourth protective aspect is you can choose to have acid free backing. The backing of your painting is important as it will help provide you with a back to the painting to help prevent tears. The hard part though is you will want to utilize acid free backing. If you choose to use acid free backing your painting will be easier to preserve because you do not have to worry about it being destroyed by various compounds eating at the paint.

The fifth protective aspect is that it can help you protect it from accidental spilling of items. If you have children or are careless then you know the damaging effects that spills can have. However, if you have your painting inside of a frame the glass that covers it will provide some form of protection to keep the liquid that is spilled from reaching the painting.

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